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Women's physiology promotes the accumulation of fat in the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, making them most susceptible to cellulite. It is a common issue for about 80% of women in Poland. People, both slim and dealing with significant overweight, young and mature, complain about it. After the age of 15, cellulite can affect almost every woman. Men generally have about 3.5 kg less body fat than women. In men, fat tissue constitutes about 15% of body mass, while in women, it is as much as 27%. Nevertheless, cellulite is becoming increasingly common even in highly industrialized countries among men.

Initially, the orange peel texture usually appears in men on the buttocks, then around the abdomen, and even, as in women, on the outer sides of the thighs. Causes Certain body areas have special abilities to accumulate fat in their cells. As known, in women, these are the areas of the thighs, hips, and buttocks, which is related to their reproductive function. Almost 50% of all human fat tissue is located directly under the skin. Fibrous connective tissue binds our skin to deeper layers of tissues, dividing the fatty tissue into individual "chambers." As fat cells increase in volume, they cause the enlargement (swelling) of individual chambers, giving the skin its characteristic appearance.

In men, however, connective tissue does not form large, round clusters of cells under the skin but many small, quadrangular cells that do not swell when filled. Therefore, cellulite in men is extremely rare. One of the causes of cellulite can also be flat feet, as it creates an obstacle to proper blood and lymph circulation. In this case, corrective gymnastics and wearing special insoles will do much more than the most effective cosmetic therapy.

Consume vegetables to fight cellulite

Prevention The appearance of cellulite-affected skin can be significantly improved with the simultaneous use of a proper diet, cosmetic products, and appropriate training. Results usually come after several weeks of regular use. However, before you start treating it, make sure you actually have it. It happens that people suspect cellulite when their skin loses firmness and smoothness due to excessive weight loss or muscle mass loss, as well as the appearance of fat folds.

An accurate diagnosis can be made by a doctor after examining the thickness of body fat and assessing blood circulation in the affected area. Such tests can be ordered by a dermatologist, endocrinologist, or cosmetic surgeon. The most important aspect is proper dietary management. Everything else should be considered as a complement to proper nutrition. Success in fighting cellulite requires a combination of a healthy diet with exercise and strong massage.

The "Anticellulite diet," a diet against fat deposits, is energetically balanced food, as well as balanced in terms of basic nutrients. It also recommends eating a large amount of fresh vegetables and drinking fruit juices and plenty of fluids (minimum 6 glasses a day). Its use should help eliminate excess fat in areas such as hips or thighs. To effectively combat cellulite, it is also necessary to avoid high-alcohol beverages, strong coffee and tea, and cigarettes.

It is also advisable to limit the consumption of acid-forming foods (rich in sulfur, phosphorus, and nitrogen), which take a long time to digest and promote the accumulation of unfavorable metabolic products. Therefore, give up fatty meat, lard, bacon, and fatty cheeses in favor of lean meat, boiled fish, and soft-boiled eggs. Try not to use sugar, and allow yourself to eat sweets only occasionally. Strictly control the intake of mayonnaise, sauces made with fat, pasta, and rice with all fatty additives. Eat as many alkaline-forming foods (rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, sodium) as possible, mainly vegetables and fruits, especially seasonal ones, which are more beneficial for the body due to their high content of minerals, vitamins, and cleansing substances. Add digestive herbs to your dishes, and season salads with olive oil. To keep your skin firm for as long as possible, you need to moisturize it from the inside and outside. Drink 2-3 liters of fluids daily (water, herbal and fruit teas, or green tea). Only then will waste products be quickly removed from the body. In the next article, you will learn what the diet may look like and what cosmetic treatments and forms of exercise promote the fight against cellulite.

One of the main causes of the formation of the unsightly "orange peel" is overweight. Although weight loss alone can significantly improve the appearance of areas affected by this condition, it is not enough. The diet must be supplemented with exercise and cosmetic treatments. However, remember that rapid weight loss not only does not help in treating cellulite but can even exacerbate the condition by weakening connective tissue. So, lose weight slowly but steadily. Exercise is health Gymnastics, cycling, jogging, fast walks a few times a week, or swimming classes? The choice is yours. One thing is certain - physical activity is an excellent and indispensable complement to the entire weight loss process and, additionally, getting rid of cellulite. Walking is a great exercise for those who cannot find time for sports. Similar muscles are activated during walking as during running, and the risk of joint, tendon, or ligament damage is much lower.


A 45-minute brisk walk four times a week allows for painlessly shedding 6 kg within a year. Additionally, walking stimulates circulation throughout the body, forming the basis for anti-cellulite prevention. The swinging motion of the arms also engages the muscles of the arms, chest, and abdomen. Excellent results in cellulite prevention and treatment are achieved by combining stretching and aerobics. Tissues affected by cellulite are oxygen-deprived, so it's better not to subject them to intense effort immediately. Therefore, it's advisable to precede dynamic aerobic exercises with stretching.


It is recommended primarily for young women. This type of gymnastics promotes muscle growth and prevents the accumulation of fat deposits. It's also worth pedaling on a stationary bike at the fitness club, as this type of sport regulates circulation throughout the body wonderfully. If possible, use the pool. Regular swimming harmoniously strengthens the muscles of the arms and thighs, where cellulite often appears. The skin and muscles of a person who exercises regularly become firm and elastic, and on toned muscles, the skin is better tightened, and unsightly bumps disappear.

In the fight against cellulite, invaluable assistance is also provided by baths (herbal, marigold, tea, salt-milk), used once a week for fifteen minutes. However, the water temperature should not exceed 36°C.

Anti-Cellulite Cosmetics

Cosmetics containing extracts of skin-toning herbs and slimming agents are recommended: horsetail, ivy, Italian pine, Japanese ginkgo biloba, and holly. They often also contain caffeine, which accelerates fat burning, and seaweed, which supplies the skin with trace elements. Some preparations have the ability to block the penetration of glucose into cells, preventing the accumulation of fat in them. Before using cosmetics, it's advisable to take an alternating cool-warm shower, which improves skin circulation.

Short massages also stimulate microcirculation. It is good to perform a skin peeling once a week to ensure the active ingredients of the product are well absorbed.


It oxygenates tissue, improves its blood supply and nutrition, and, as a result, firms the skin. However, there are special massages, especially effective in combating cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage

It eliminates swelling, water retention, and detoxifies the body. It is very effective. It is performed in selected areas of the body, always in line with the course of the lymphatic vessels, to quickly remove waste products of metabolism.


It stimulates metabolism, improves the body's water management. It is applied to strictly defined areas of the body called meridians, located on the feet, along the line from the big toe to the heel. The method dates back to ancient times in the East. Ayurveda is part of Hindu ancient natural medicine. This massage, performed with warm and cold oils, is supposed to stimulate 108 vital energy points on the body. It regulates all metabolic processes in the body.

Cosmetic Treatments

Among the anti-cellulite treatments offered by beauty salons, the most effective are those that stimulate cell metabolism, accelerate the elimination of fat deposits, and excess water.

Guam slimming treatment

Its basis is an algae concentrate that accelerates fat burning. It also includes herbal extracts that facilitate the elimination of toxins and essential oils that stimulate metabolism. The concentrate is applied to areas affected by cellulite, the body is wrapped in foil, and covered with a blanket. The treatment reduces cellulite and fat tissue, detoxifies the body, and improves skin firmness. Usually, a series of 10 treatments is applied.

Body wrapping

Or wrapping the body. The body is lubricated with cinnamon cream, which accelerates fat burning. Then it is wrapped quite tightly with plastic wrap according to the principle of lymphatic drainage - from bottom to top - and covered with a warm blanket. Under the influence of pressure and heat, there is an increase in pressure in the intercellular space, facilitating the transport and excretion of unnecessary metabolic products and toxins. The treatment shapes the silhouette, removes cellulite, and firms the skin. A series of 10 treatments is needed for a noticeable improvement.

Slide styler

It got its name from a device used for lymphatic drainage. Compressed air is pumped into special sleeves that are placed on the legs and hips. This creates gentle, rhythmic pressure waves flowing from the toes along the ankles, calves, thighs, buttocks to the hips. Pressure stops, only to return after a while. The waves direct the lymph towards the lymph nodes. 10-20 treatments should effectively help get rid of cellulite.

Surgical Procedures

A plastic surgeon should decide on this method of cellulite removal, choosing the most suitable one for a particular case from the procedures listed below.


Involves the insertion of thin needles into the skin affected by cellulite. The needles are connected to electrodes, and these to a low-intensity current generator. The generated electric field acts directly on fat cells, reducing their volume and healing the skin. A decrease in circumference, e.g., hips or thighs, can be observed already after the first treatment.


This involves injecting a mixture of drugs under the skin that stimulate metabolism and lead to a reduction in the amount of fatty tissue. Visible results are achieved with a series of about 10 treatments. To maintain the effects, usually, 2 treatments are applied per year.

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