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Shiny hair

For a woman, hair on her head is a very important and exciting element of female beauty. Each of us would like to have them beautiful, thick, and most often long. But what can you do when nature has endowed us with hair that is thin, sparse, delicate, difficult to style, and grows very slowly?

Fortunately, for several years now, there has been a solution. The art of hairstyling has ceased to be just the art of cutting and styling hair. Today, hair can also be extended. Increasingly, hairdressers-stylists are not only shortening hair but also supplementing and extending it. The effect of a good hairdresser's work can be astonishing - added hair is indistinguishable from real hair to the naked eye.

Modern technologies allow:
- hair extensions up to 60 cm
- thickening
- selecting multiple colors without using coloring shampoos and conditioners
- changing the hairstyle's appearance.

Some of the popular methods include:
- Monofibre - it involves combining artificial hair with natural hair using the C2 thermal device.
- Easy Hair, also known as the bead method - hair wefts are attached individually using a 3 mm copper bead, which is clamped with specially profiled pliers.
- Micro Rings - hair is attached using microscopic metal rings.
- Raccon - hair is attached using special wax. However, I advise considering whether it is worth using this method because it exposes the hair to damage. Improper care of extended hair using this method can, in extreme cases, lead to the formation of "bald spots".

healthy shiny hair

To properly care for our new hair, they must be regularly adjusted every 3-4 months to avoid excessive burden on the hair follicles. When combing, one should not tug at the hair, as this can result in pulling out the follicles, which are already strained after the procedure. To care for renewed hair, there is no need to use expensive shampoos and conditioners. Usually, the cosmetics used previously are sufficient.

Hair extensions are an expensive treatment. Prices vary depending on the method, length, and type of hair (artificial hair, natural European hair, natural Asian hair). For natural European hair, we must pay from approximately 1,800 PLN up to 3,400 PLN. The cheapest are artificial hair. This is an offer for women who do not want to wear natural hair for various reasons. High-quality artificial hair has its advantages: it differs little from natural hair and is much lighter (about 40 times) than natural hair. They are also relatively inexpensive because (depending on the method chosen). An additional cost is the brush.

Some hair extension methods allow for the reapplication of the same hair, which reduces the cost of the treatment. However, "new" hair certainly gives a better visual effect. Surely every woman who wants to take advantage of this type of service will find something for herself in the offer of hairdressers specializing in hair extensions.

However, it is worth knowing that some hair extension methods can be quite painful, cut, or break hair. Therefore, before deciding on the procedure, it is worth getting to know the opinions of other people about the method you want to use.

There are about 100,000 hairs on the human head, seated in the hair follicle, surrounded by blood vessels, nerves, and sebaceous glands. Each strand consists of many layers.

Wet hair can stretch up to 20% more than dry hair. Hair grows about 1-2 cm per month. If we take care of them properly, we can enjoy their healthy appearance for a long time.

Beautiful hair is the crowning glory of female beauty. Each of us desires them to be lush, shiny, and silky.

Women have always seduced men with the charm of their hair. They determined their strength, vitality, and health. It is well known that well-groomed, healthy hair is an indispensable element of our appearance.

If you also want your hair to be shiny, lush, and beautiful, use appropriate regenerating treatments designed for your hair type (thin, delicate, dry, mixed, oily hair). Conditioners and balms should contain active ingredients that penetrate deeply into damaged hair structures, and shampoos should contain ingredients that improve the appearance and simultaneously protect against pollutants.

Trim damaged ends at least once every two months. The appearance of our hair depends not only on shampoos and conditioners but also on what we eat and drink every day because hair needs the right building material. From properly selected foods, they receive essential nutrients and building blocks.

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